As temperatures continue to soar throughout the UK, many of us aren’t complaining about the lack of the rain that typically characterises a British summer - but with greater pressure on our water supplies, we all need to make sure we’re using water wisely.

When the non-domestic water market opened in April 2017, businesses gained the opportunity to choose their water supplier – but so far, it seems that few businesses have chosen to do so.

In the year since the English water market opened, more than 120,000 supply points have switched their water retailer. We spoke to over 700 small businesses – here’s what we found.

Research reveals that while small businesses view themselves as cost-savvy, most aren’t switching water suppliers, or other services.

While energy efficiency plans are a key part of many organisations strategies today, there doesn’t seem to be as much focus on water efficiency. As a water retailer, we’re conscious of just how precious this resource is and we understand how vital it is to conserve it.