In the past few decades, technological advances have changed the way we live and work. Many of these developments have helped us to become more efficient – we can now send an email instead of a fax, for example, or join a video call instead of travelling to a meeting.

In the UK, we’re lucky enough to have easy access to drinking water – in fact, our tap water is subject to such rigorous safety tests that it’s actually safer to drink than

With the ongoing summer heatwave, see how you can save water in your workplace in three simple ways.

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As temperatures continue to soar throughout the UK, many of us aren’t complaining about the lack of the rain that typically characterises a British summer - but with greater pressure on our water supplies, we all need to make sure we’re using water wisely.

When the non-domestic water market opened in April 2017, businesses gained the opportunity to choose their water supplier – but so far, it seems that few businesses have chosen to do so.