Make life easier with one simple invoice
for all your sites

Receive one consolidated e-invoice for all your meters on all your sites, instead of lots of different bills, at different times, from different business water providers.

Take the hassle away from invoice management with consolidated invoicing, with one bill and one set of payment terms for all your sites.

Our online One Bill solution provides you with all your water consumption and charges, for all your meters, in one electronic document.

This solution is ideal for multi-meter, multi-site businesses who want to see a single invoiced sum for all their water, wastewater, drainage and trade effluent charges in a single document, requiring just one single monthly payment.Consolidating your data also makes it easier for you to get to grips with your water usage. Our e-invoice shows consumption trends across your entire por

tfolio, comparing and contrasting usage at different sites, enabling you to spot inconsistent consumption patterns.

If you are already registered for consolidated billing, you can log into your water bills and billing data by clicking the link below.

Consolidated Billing Portal

Greater compatibility

We’ll also provide you with a csv file containing all the data for each meter at each site, allowing you to load the data to your preferred application or in-house system for further analysis. If your organisation's water bills are independently validated, the csv file is a very efficient way of importing data into the bill validation package of your choice, making it quicker and easier to analyse your data.

If you would like to set up consolidation for your bills, please contact our Customer Service team.

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Benefits of consolidated invoicing

Less hassle

Consolidate your bills across water and wastewater, and across all of your sites if desired.

All of your data in one place

Access all your water consumption and billing data for multiple sites with a single login. 

Online access

Our e-billing service means you can store all documents in one secure location. Instant access and online payment from any location puts you firmly in control.

Ready to take control?
Let us know you’d like to make the switch and we’ll do the rest.