With winter now upon us, there are some essential actions to prevent internal flooding, which every business should take.

In this blog, SES Business Water’s Managing Director, Giuseppe Di Vita offers businesses some practical advice for reducing internal flood risk at their premises:

Flood fact: 88% of insurance claims for damage caused by burst pipes happen in December and January.

Floods – the basics

With flooding now accounting for 10% of major business disruptions, all businesses should be aware of potential risk of internal flooding from faulty or frozen pipework over the winter months.

It’s often the case that businesses take preventative action against burglary or fire risk, but the majority tend to overlook the risks that winter presents when it comes to water.

Get watertight this winter!

There are some quick and easy things you can do this winter to prevent damage from internal flooding :

  • To prevent frozen pipes, insulate water tanks and lag pipework.
  • Fix leaks and dripping taps; even a small trickle can result in a frozen pipe.
  • Know where your property’s internal stopcock is and make sure you can turn it off if necessary.
  • Create an action plan containing key contacts and contingencies and keep your insurance policy in a secure, accessible place.

Floods are just one part of the puzzle; as cold, snow and ice can also wreak havoc on your business. As the days and nights get colder and wetter, take time to think about all of the equipment you rely on for your water supply but which rarely gets your attention, such as your stop cock, ball-valves and – most importantly of all – your boiler.

Don’t forget that it’s vital to keep your heating on and set to a minimum of 4 degrees Celsius, even when the buildings are empty. Servicing your boiler now is one great way to avoid costly repairs later. It will also make sure you never have to close for the day because you can’t put the heating on!

We’re here to help!

We can’t control the weather for you, but we can help you make on-site changes to protect your business from floods and the other problems it causes. We’ve launched our Pick ‘n’ Fix offer because we’re committed to helping businesses prepare for winter. Until the end of February 2017, our full range of essential fixes are only £50 each.

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