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We will review your historical water and wastewater invoices to identify any excess charges and pursue refunds for your business.

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Many businesses have been charged incorrectly for their water and wastewater supplies, from being placed on the wrong tariff to paying the wrong charges for years.  We can recover incorrect charges for your business, handling everything to save you time and resource.

If you believe that you are affected, we can carry out an audit in return for an agreed share of savings. Our health check looks at your past and current suppliers. We can carry out a thorough review of your bill, analysing your charges to make sure your current water, wastewater and trade effluent providers are billing you on the correct tariffs and abatements / allowances and that you have not been overcharged.

In addition, we’ll also carry out a forensic historical audit of your bills to check for any overcharges and identify any refunds that are due.

We handle all of the arrangements with your previous provider, making it a hassle-free process that could result in significant savings for your business.

Discover your hidden savings with a water health check for your business.

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